Nada de Acomodarse, Señoras. Vídeo poema

Video-poem created for the performance nada de acomodarse señoras by Anna Mezz. Based on a text by Susan Sontag.  Music by MissQ Pía Nielsen.
With the performers Anna Albaladejo, Gloria March,  Sybila Gutiérrez and Mario García Sáez. Encuentros de Creación de la Magdalena, Santander, Noviembre 2018.
Special thanks to the organizers Mari Fuentes, Mercedes L. Caballero, Miguel A. Lozano and Pablo Turanzas..
Video produced by La Casa Colorada, directed and edited by Monika Rühle, 2’30”, 2018, Spain.

What happened afterward you know, precious friend, said the friend, from what was sung and not sung: the birch trees, the little hotel in Paris where Genet died, an elbow, an armpit, too many cigarettes, wigs hung on long poles, the strangers in the little room below, the injured telephone — don’t touch.  The shaft of light that died in the mud, the slender whirling and swaying, shouting and standing tall.  Hic dissonant ubique, nam enim sic diversis cantilenis clamore solent.  Here all voices are at variance, as different songs are being roared out simultaneously.  The day was still perfect, the children lovable, distracting, and everybody, from the crushed to the exalted, swayed in the music’s updraft.  Not bored.  Not discouraged.  Women were sassier, and felt sexier.  Because of you, precious friend.  The music spread everywhere.  In the mouth.  In the armpits.  In the crotch.  The music a way of flying up and flying past.  I remember the saliva, and also the slap and the creased filthy newspapers.  You left and then you returned.  You grinned.  Your grin is still irresistible.  Take back the night.  Take back you life.  And chant and squat and jump and shout, Aux vaincus!  To the conquered!

Susan Sontag 12.14.01 Taken from insert of Patti Smith’s LAND (1975-2002)




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